Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Czech Adventures: Karlovy Vary

I recently wrote about my adventure to Karlovy Vary on my main blog, so I thought I'd let you have a look!

Barely 2 hours from Prague lies the beautiful town of Karlovy Vary. Famous for its natural spas, every summer sees tourists flock to soothe their aching muscles in its healing waters. For many, it is a magical place, while others (including my guide book) see it as one massive tourist trap overcrowded with Russian hypochondriacs.
As we travelled in early June, it was neither overcrowded nor much of a tourist trap. Of course, the roads were dotted with little stands selling crappy souvenirs – Karlovy Vary’s particular speciality is a type of china jug (it looks like a small watering can) which you can fill up from various natural springs to try the water. We ended up doing it, of course, out of curiosity – the water was warm and sweet. Very interesting.....

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