Wednesday, 2 May 2012

An Introduction

Hello there!

My name is Gwynnie, and if you take the TEFL Worldwide Prague course, you'll be sure to meet me - I'll be observing your lessons, helping you out with any teaching issues and giving you detailed feedback about your teaching. Here at TEFL Worldwide, we've decided to create this blog to give you a hand with teaching, as well as to help potential students with making the decision to come to Prague and teach English. Hopefully, the articles on here will help you decide whether this is the right path for you, and for those of you already in Prague, we'll try to include advice and ideas for things to do while you're here.

Firstly, I call tell you a little of my own story. After travelling in Japan and working as an Assistant Language Teacher (and giving a lot of private lessons) for 16 months, I decided that it was time to do something different. A search for English teaching jobs led me to TEFL Worldwide Prague's website, and after reading the testimonials and researching Prague a little, my boyfriend and I decided to just go for it and apply for the course. The next thing we knew, we were paying the deposit and booking our flights - it was very exciting, but scary, too! We left our cushy jobs in Japan and our nice flat, and moved to Prague with no guarantee of jobs or a place to live.

The course was very intense - a lot of grammar and lesson planning - even for people who had teaching experience. But the trainers were clearly very talented teachers who knew what they were doing, and the challenging nature of the course meant that we felt like much more confident teachers after just a few weeks. The training prepared us well for any job interviews in Prague, and within a week I had a few offers. Through some amazing twist of fate (I say modestly), I also managed to land myself this job at TEFL Worldwide. Now, I spend my mornings teaching English to individuals and business classes across Prague, and my afternoons helping TEFL students improve their own English teaching skills.

The course has improved since I took it, too - it's accredited now, which further increases the impressiveness of the certificate on your resume/CV. A lot of my friends from my own class have gone on to a variety of wonderful places to teach - Taiwan, China, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria and, of course, a bunch of us are still in Prague. There are TEFL graduates in over 60 countries, and once you're on the course (and anytime after you graduate), the office girls can put you in touch with graduates in any country that you'd like to work in to let you know what's what.

So, stay tuned, and remember that you can email us if you have any questions!

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  1. A great introduction, Gwynnie! The articles you have posted here are really helpful (especially love the teacher language one). To all your future readers out there - trust this girl! I was one of her instructors when she first came to Prague and I can attest that she's top shelf quality and knows her stuff! All the best - Trish